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It is said that, "Thy food is thy medicine." Hippocrates in his writings of Modern Medicine has mentioned this fact and has clearly said that what you eat will either provide you Health or Sickness !
Food is the basic need for every "Living Organism" and we get it from "Living Plants" We must accept the fact that it is only human race which modifies it's taste and has developed desire for taste buds . All of us are psychologically captured by different types of traditional food and also with modern cuisines. Again different parts of the world has different variety and type depending on the geographical location. Detoxification: Basically detoxification means cleansing the blood and systems from free radicals. This is done by removing impurities from the blood inside the Liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through Kidneys, Lungs Intestines, Lymphatic system and skin through sweating. Modern food and Pollution is increasing the toxins while the modern life style is unable to throw them out due to lack of physical work and increase in sedentary jobs.

MNT : Medical Nutritional Therapy

Sankalpa's revolutionary concept will be defined as "Nutritional diagnostic, therapy and counselling services for the purpose of disease management"
( Source Medicare MNT Legislation, 2000 )
To understand this concept we should go with the basics... Role of food in our life is to provide "Energy" in different formats. From one aspect it is responsible for calorific value from another side it is continuously keeping body metabolism active with the help of non calorific food. MNT is nothing else but a fortified food which has preventive as well as curative* property. 100% natural extracts (with minimum process to enhance shelf life)
In simple words "What we are deprived to receive on day to day basis will be available at a go. This unique revolutionary concept is an "Ultimate Solution" for Cleansing - Balancing - Activating and Defending! However we appreciate effort of every Pathy and Doctor and have come out with a system which will be complimentary and will enhance the results.
We do not claim to Cure the disease, however, we do claim to Restore the health. Sankalpa's MNT is exclusive Nutri science based on Science of Nutrigenomics exclusively made from Organic sources. This ensures that the Natural flora and fauna remains undisturbed.

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